Web design for Hampshire businesses

There are a variety of online channels for all sorts of audiences, businesses and styles. TikTok has videos, Instagram does pictures, and Facebook lets nearly 3 billion active users share stories and lives. These can all be used to great effect as part of a business’s online marketing.

But nothing gives credibility to your business and brand as easily as a website.

Why websites are still needed?

A business website is a constant shop window in which you have complete control. It’s the place you tell potential customers about your products, your values, and how they can buy from you. Done well, it shows your personality and builds relationships. And a good online experience is the key to growing your business.

Simply put, websites:

  • communicate what your business is
  • attract potential customers who are specifically looking for your product or service
  • push up your rankings in Google searches with search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • allow you to stay in control of your brand
  • convert leads to customers.

Web design in Hampshire

Despite all this global connectivity, many customers want to buy local – especially if you’re offering a service. A customer will do a quick online search which will show other suppliers in your area – a bit like the old Yellow Pages. To stay open, you need to be one of the businesses they find.

We know the power of local. iConcept has worked with local businesses in Hampshire to create the right website for their needs. We know the tech side of marketing can be mind-boggling for some business owners, but we will guide you through each step and process. And it won’t break the bank.

Get in touch for a friendly, no-obligation chat, to find out how we can build your business in Hampshire.