SEO drives business in Hampshire

It’s easy to assume that once you’ve optimised your website with all the keywords (SEO) relevant to your business, the job is done. But search engine algorithms change all the time. So if you want to keep your rankings, you need to monitor and modify your SEO regularly to stay on Google’s page 1.

Keep your SEO relevant

Keeping your SEO up to date doesn’t mean constantly having to be rewrite your website copy though. There are a few tricks you can do to stay visible, and even improve, your online rankings and customer engagement.

These include:

  • Add and refresh keyword metadata.
  • Start link building.
  • Review your website structure.
  • Write blogs.

Improve your rankings with blogs

Blogs are a great way to stay up to date with search engine optimisation and to build a relationship with your customers. Start by reviewing trending keywords and phrases, then scatter these into a short blog post every other week. Done right, blogs will boost your rankings and position you as an expert in your field.

SEO specialists in Hampshire

From our Hampshire base, we help big and small businesses across the county and beyond get the most out of their online presence. One of the tools we use is SEO/targetted content but we don’t just optimise your website and leave it at that. We work in partnership with you and will always be looking for ways to improve your visibility across all your online channels.