How to build your brand

From logo design to the look of your website, branding is what makes your business stand out from the rest. Just think Coca-Cola, Nike or the BBC. Instantly recognisable brands with one thing in common: they are simple in their look and design. A good brand will attract followers and customers, and once it’s done, you have the foundations to drive your business forward.

Brand and tone of voice

But branding is more than just visuals. A strong brand has a distinctive tone of voice. The way we speak, the words we use, are all part of our personal brand. And this is the exciting part… the business owner can really embed themselves into their brand. By doing this, your brand becomes more authentic and personal. And regardless of the type of business you have, customers want to have good relationships with the people they do business with.

How to improve your branding:

  • Develop a visual style for your website and socials.
  • Be authentic in how you sound.
  • Create a strong logo.
  • Use an engaging colour palette across your marketing.
  • Be consistent in how you present your business.

Business branding in Hampshire

iConcept is a branding agency in Hampshire that has created eye-catching brands for Hampshire businesses of all types and sizes. We work on the idea of simplicity and boldness to make sure your brand is remembered. Whether you need a new logo or want to refresh your brand, we have the expertise to get your business seen.