How to build your brand

From logo design to the look of your website, branding is what makes your business stand out from the rest. Just think Coca-Cola, Nike or the BBC. Instantly recognisable brands with one thing in common: they are simple in their look and design. A good brand will attract followers and customers, and once it’s done,… Read more »

Web design for Hampshire businesses

There are a variety of online channels for all sorts of audiences, businesses and styles. Tik Tok has videos, Instagram does pictures, and Facebook lets nearly 3 billion active users share stories and lives. These can all be used to great effect as part of a business’s online marketing. But nothing gives credibility to your… Read more »

SEO drives business in Hampshire

It’s easy to assume that once you’ve optimised your website with all the keywords (SEO) relevant to your business, the job is done. But search engine algorithms change all the time. So if you want to keep your rankings, you need to monitor and modify your SEO regularly to stay on Google’s page 1. Keep… Read more »