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iConcept’s Bespoke Accountancy Recruitment System enables organisations to comfortably compete in the ultra-competitive world of accountancy recruitment. Along with a whole range of features, such as sourcing top talent and automating candidate relationships, our web-based system is adaptable and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Accountancy Recruitment

Why CRM for accountancy recruitment?

‘There are over 164,000 students in the UK and ROI and over 576,000 worldwide. Student numbers in the UK and ROI increased by 0.7% and 2.9% worldwide from 2015 to 2016’ – FRC (Financial Reporting Council)

Skip to 2020 and student numbers continue to grow. With this amount of students progressing through the various elements of ACA, ACCA and AAT training schemes, traditional methods of logging data, such as spreadsheets or basic applicant tracking systems have become outdated and inefficient. Spreadsheets are static and impersonal, showing candidates as two dimensional. But, as good recruiters know, candidates have all the complexities of every other human being, and if they don’t shine in one area, it doesn’t mean they can’t shine in another.

A recruitment CRM system removes the need for spreadsheets and time-consuming data entry by automatically logging and subdividing candidate information. This process can give a far deeper understanding of the candidate whilst also freeing up the recruiter to build face to face, positive relationships with present and future candidates.

So why choose iConcept?

As an innovative, digital design agency we saw the unique challenges faced within accountancy recruitment. Challenge accepted- we created a bespoke CRM system focussed solely on the accountancy recruitment process. Our system can:

  • Source and nurture talent
  • Screen CV’s to define where particular candidates are most suited
  • Show the stages reached in ACA, ACCA and AAT training schemes
  • Show whether candidates have been interviewed and whether they’ve accepted
  • Send personalised messages and emails to build candidate relationships
  • Set up video interviews and log the outcome
  • Analyse recruiters performance
  • Make information instantly accessible across your organisation.

And because our system is web-based and built by us, it’s:

  • Easy to set up
  • Low cost
  • Accessible whenever and wherever it’s required
  • Adaptable to suit your organisations exact needs.

So give us a call today to arrange a demonstration.